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Like Pacific

Like Pacific

Genre: punk rock
Label: Pure Noise Records
Released: 01/20/2015

Like Pacific

Punk Rock

by: Josh Mason of Mason Design

Self-Titled EP

Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Easycore-Punk Rockers Like Pacific have been working hard over the past few years since their debut in 2011 with their first EP entitled “The Worst…” to push out new material that would lead them to be signed by Purse Noise Records.

The band’s first release through Pure Noise on January 20th, 2015, is a self-titled EP that matches the likes of other similar bands in their genre such as The Story So Far. The riffs are catchy, energetic and one is easily able to feel the passion behind the vocals provided by vocalist Jordan Black. The Ep as a whole gives the viewer just a taste of what is likely to come from the band. The EP ends strong with the song “Suffering” as the tempo slows down and the guitar rings out. As the EP draws to a lose, it does exactly what an EP is supposed to do, leave the listener wanting more. The band is set to release a full length later this year through Pure Noise Records and it’s one to watch for.

Like Pacific have only begun to show us what their version of Punk is and just how catchy it can be. If you’re a fan of Pop Punk or Easycore Punk, Like Pacific has plenty to offer your eardrums.

Solid 4 out of 5 stars for a solid sounding EP that leaves you wanting more.


Pop Deflators recommends listening to “Suffering”