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Like Pacific

Like Pacific

Genre: Punk
Label: Pure Noise Records
Released: 02/19/2016

Like Pacific

Distant Like You Asked


by: Gabe Nye

            Canadian pop punk outfit Like Pacific sounds like they’ve been writing and releasing LPs for years. They boast a tight sound, thanks to mature instrumentals and vocals. It surprised me to find that Distant Like You Asked is their first full-length album, following two EPs that were self-released, and one released by Pure Noise Records. It’s not often that bands have their act together by the time of their first release, but Like Pacific blows that expectation out of the water.

Their music is pop punk at its core. It’s littered with elements that are straight from the pop punk handbook, and fans will be attracted to that familiar sound. However they don’t settle for being just another pop punk band. Instead, they take things even further to create music that leaves other pop punk bands in the dust. It’s true that they write about the same things every other band does: heartbreak, frustration, sadness, and disappointment. They convey those messages in a different way, though; a way that doesn’t drag the listener down with them. They sound as though they’re attacking those emotions, as opposed to embracing them. It’s a refreshing approach to an all to familiar theme.

Their music itself sets the standard high for their next release. They beautifully blend modern pop punk with aggressive tones and melodic vocals. Think of a fusion of The Story So Far’s aggression and State Champs’s melodies. The synthesis results in something I’ve been listening to on repeat for days. It’s a very mature sound that shows how well the band plays together, and how much they enjoy their own music. It makes me picture the band staying up late each night, making sure their individual parts fit together like a glove.

The only criticism I have is that the songs do tend to flow together a little bit. After multiple listens, it’s hard for me to distinguish one track from the next. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, I tend to like a little more variety to break up the album into more discernable pieces. I just felt like the album as a whole was missing something a bit more tangible, while each track on its own seemed to have it all together. None of the songs stuck out as being better or worse than the others so while not necessarily a flaw, I feel forced to settle for four stars because of it.

Overall though, Like Pacific is going to have a difficult time topping this debut LP. They’ve set the bar high for themselves, but if they care about their music as much as this album shows, I believe that they’ll find a way to set the bar even higher with their next release.