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Like Moths To Flames

Like Moths To Flames

Genre: Metalcore
Label: Rise Records
Released: 10/23/2015

Like Moths To Flames

‘The Dying Things We Live For’


By: Scott Turney

Like Moths To Flames (LMTF) is a five piece metalcore band from Ohio. They currently signed to Rise Records and ‘The Dying Things We Live For’ is their third and newest album with the Rise Records. LMTF are known for their great breakdowns, fast riffs and vocalist Chris Roetter’s ability to seamlessly switch between the harshest of screams to clean singing. Like Moths To Flames not only play aggressive music but their lyrics are true to the heart, releasing all the anger held inside. All of these things and more are featured on the bands newest album ‘The Dying Things We Live For’.

The album begins ferociously with ‘No King’ as Chris Roetter screams “You become transparent when you’re held to the light. Even at your worst I tried to make the wrongs right!” Further along in the track you can really hear Roetter’s voice shine, as his singing ability has improved from their previous album ‘An Eye for an Eye’. The next song ‘Thrown To The Wind’ begins even faster with some high speed riffs and intense drumming. The fourth track ‘Fighting Fire With Fire’ continues the theme of starting a song with pure heaviness. The chorus also has quite a powerful force behind it which shifts the song into another gear of intensity. “I won’t get stuck on looking back. We’re all so guilty of wanting what we’ll never have. Fight fire with fire, there is no desire in me to be like anything you want to see.

The sixth track ‘The Give and Take’ begins differently than most of the songs so far on the record. Instead of instantly having the song start at full speed, there is a buildup albeit a short one, but it makes the song different which is a plus. Another song that begins differently than most of the songs on ‘The Dying Things We Live For’ is ‘Wasted Days’. ‘Wasted Days’ is the eighth song on the record, which begins with a slow guitar tone being played before the rest of the band joins in. The next song ‘Destined for Dirt’ however starts with the same eerily similar guitar tone that ‘Wasted Days’ began with. While later on the songs become different in nature the tones still find their way back through the songs. Not sure if this was intentional, but it makes the songs seem unoriginal using the same things in multiple songs.

The album ends with the tenth song ‘Wither’ which begins with Chris Roetter screaming the lyrics at a breakneck pace. The song closes with one of the realest lyrics on the album “Good things never come; I give up. Grown to love not being enough. Remove me from the frame. A picture that was meant to fade away. Wither away to grey” as the song fades out and ‘The Dying Things We Live For’ comes to an end. Overall the album has its pros and cons. The pros being LMTF still bring vicious breakdowns and the tracks are all fueled to the max with energy. Not to mention they have included catchy choruses which fans will love and sing along to. The cons however are a few of the songs, although good lack some originality. The songs begin to blend into each other when the album is listened to through its entirety. Another thing about the album is it is only ten songs long, so before you know it the album is already over. With all of the above mentioned Like Moths To Flames ‘The Dying Things We Live For’ gets 3 out of 5 stars. Hopefully LMTF grow from this and they are able to be more creative on their next record.




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