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New Empire

New Empire

Genre: Pop Rock
Label: Tooth & Nail Records
Released: 04/29/14

New Empire

“In a Breath”


by: Alyssa Boergermann

There’s a lot of excitement over Sydney, Australia’s native Pop/Rock band New Empire after Tooth & Nail announced in March they were planning to release their label debut album In A Breath to an American audience this month. While this will be their first release in the United States, they previously recorded two albums (Come with Me Tonight in 2008, followed by Symmetry in 2011) which were well-received in Australia landing them supporting acts for a variety of bands including Good Charlotte, Owl City, Relient K, and Switchfoot.

Jumping in head first (no pun intended) with “Tale Of Jonah,” New Empire doesn’t waste a moment on meaningless beats. Jonah recalls feeling as though “I once was king of the world..” but admits to having been “given more than I could afford,” and comes to the conclusion that, “I’m lost without you.” Their messages are clear, and although it may be subtle at times, the influence of their faith in God is undeniable.

What really causes this album to stand out isn’t the polished instrumentals, experimental electronic sounds, smooth tone, or light, radio-friendly melodies. While it can proudly boast these and more, it is truly the integrity of character and tender humanity revealed lyrically throughout every track that draws one in. There is an authenticity listeners can sense, allowing them a deeper connection with the artist as well as their craft.

In a short studio documentary regarding the making of their newest record, their lead vocalist Jeremy Fowler shared that he feels it is a “collage of our lives.” Drummer Kale Kneale describes it as “…almost like the clawing yourself out of the depths of despair album where there is hope, redemption, and everything is gonna be alright.”
From beginning to end, In A Breath is a consistent, well-executed release, and solid step up. I, for one, will be looking forward to more.

Be sure to get your free download of New Empire’s first single from the album, “Relight The Fire,” directly from Tooth & Nail Records, here: http://www.toothandnail.com/news/4538/New_Empire_To_Release_In_A_Breath_on_April_29th/