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The Used

The Used

Genre: Alternative Rock
Label: Hopeless Records
Released: 4/1/2014

The Used

“Imaginary Enemy”

Alternative Rock

by: Ash Starkweather

“All revolutions are impossible until they happen.” Imaginary enemy is the sixth studio album we see from the band.  The album covers three major topics: Love, Politics, and Religion.

Unfortunately after the first two tracks, “Revolution” and “Cry”, the album hits a different pace.  These are definitely the strongest tracks on the album, and set for success. From there it takes on a more political feel, and one wishes they would of stuck to more about heartbreak. If you’re a political enthusiast, this album is for you..but if your looking for another “Love and Death”, the best track for you is “Cry.”

Even with all the politics (which I am NOT a fan of), I can still appreciate this. “Imaginary Enemy” the title track for the album talks about how we are brought up to hate, when we do not even know one another. I think this is a very positive message, and the used in fact is attempting to start a “Revolution” in everyone of us so we would “G.A.S.”, and make the world a better place.

About 9:00 into “Overdoes” a hidden track comes in, for the first two minutes it sounds like someone drawing a line on a chalkboard until a voice comes in and starts talking, one expects this to turn into a hidden track- but unfortunately it does not.

4/5 Stars- With a little less talk on Politics, this could have been a 5/5 album.  I do however admire the attempt to make a positive change in the world.