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Icon For Hire

Icon For Hire

Genre: Pop Rock
Label: Tooth & Nail Records
Released: 10/15/13

Icon for Hire

“Icon For Hire”

by: Jay

To those that live in America and party when they see fit. To the people who demean others by flaunting their beauty or wealth. Or do not contribute their efforts to a grander more-worldly design. I won’t recommend Icon for Hire to you. Multi-influenced Icon for Hire can be considered a clear-and-present danger to the ideas of the mainstream music industry, or furthermore, pop culture. With no apologies in sight the band grinds out a message of annoyed and fed-up overtones to societal issues. Issues that have surpassed as simple irritations and have become so engrained with our culture we pass them off as acceptable nowadays. Common greed of enterprise, the overwhelming sense of entitlement or sheer ignorance of vanity is a couple of examples.

The opening song ‘Cynics and Critics’ will be the primer for someone who hasn’t listened to Icon for Hire. The first fifteen seconds of the song lays out a good example of the album’s content. Pop like electronic beats accompanied by an agitated voice singing a distaste of liars and current attitudes surrounding the mainstream. The listener will instantly sense a wrecking ball hurdling toward them. Pummeling into America’s overbearing world of ego-centric driven music and leveling the foundation to smithereens.

Overall the band is clearly influenced by several of genres. But, at the same time Icon for Hire’s consistency (other than Rock and Roll Thugs) lacks a “musical identity” to the album. I think the benefit of sticking to a particular style while will give the listener a more knowledgeable stance on the music. But I will say Icon for Hire is quite passionate and more importantly honest at their approach of presentation, purpose and message. There is a need for real personalities that will inspire the impressionable, to create not pervert the entertainment scene. Without a doubt Icon for Hire lives up to that need.