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Icon For Hire

Icon For Hire

Icon For Hire
Genre: Alternative
Released: 11/25/2016

Icon For Hire

You Can’t Kill Us


by: Ash Starkweather


Icon For Hire has been through a lot of changes in the last few years, from Label changes to physical member changes. But in the midst of it all- Icon remains true to their message. Especially in their latest release, “You Cant Kill Us”

“You Cant Kill Us” starts off with one of their strongest tracks on the album- Supposed To Be. The classic Icon sound is strong in this track and the lyrics are spot on. The lyrics are a bit repetitive, but drive deep into your head- for a sure hit. Next up is Demons, Pulse, and The Magic. We’re not entirely sure what happened here. Instrumentally, we go to a more Pop/EDM sound- and lyrically, none of these tracks measure to Supposed To Be. Just when you are album to turn the album off, Happy Hurts comes into play. The track is overall on the slower side, but the beat fits perfectly with the message of the song as lead singer Ariel Bloomer raps each line at us. Next up on our list is War– another piano based tracks. See, we do have a softer side! But it is not the instrumentals that grab us for this track, but rather the lyrics- “It’s a heavy load to carry, and I can’t hold on much more.”

Just when you think the lyrics off this album cant get any deeper, they do. The last half of the album is like a punch right to the gut, and has all the feels. Under The Knife has it all as the track starts:

“This is the song I’m too scared to write, but some of you may need it tonight.”

The track is pure beauty from start to end with Bloomer crying out-

“Drag my heart to the piano and let it sing for you.”

Lyrically, this is the deepest track offered on the entire record, and will reside with anyone who listens. Things pick up a little with Here We Are come in. Again, a great message lyrically- but when the chorus comes in you cant help but wonder why. It turns to this EDM sounding pop song. Luckily with each verse it ties you back in. Luckily the electronic sound does not stick around long. The next track is called Get Well II, a follow-up of their hit Get Well off of the 2011 album, “Scripted”. Any former Icon fan will be happy to hear the track. It features more of the classic Icon sound and some of the rawest lyrics we have heard yet.

Icon finished it out strong with their title track for the album. You Cant Kill Us is the anthem you have been waiting for. Something that tells your story, whether it is from ten years ago, or something you are struggling with today: YOU CANT KILL US!

This album was so deep, and so complex. So many issues brought up on such a deep level. Even with more of an electronic sound to it, you cannot help but give it a high rating. These songs tell a story about overcoming your challenges and living to see another day.



We picked one line from each track for you, If you can relate to any of the quotes below, the song is perfect for you.


  1. “I don’t wanna be stuck, I don’t wanna be crazy. This is the way that my sadness made me.”
  2. “Pain didn’t change me- I changed my pain.”
  3. “So tell me: Do you even know?”
  4. “Do you feel like your dead inside?”
  5. “What’s wrong with me when happy hurts?”
  6. “You were wrong all along, tried to break me make me strong.”
  7. “Oh no, am I getting in your head?”
  8. “Underneath It’s just a perfect storm.”
  9. “My self-hatred never took me where I wanted to go.”
  10. “Why are we still sad? When are we going to wake up happy?”
  11. “I need my pain, don’t take it away. My sad makes me special.”
  12. “I am Invincible.”
  13. “Still we fight, we will survive.”