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Ice Nine Kills

Ice Nine Kills

Genre: Metalcore
Label: Fearless Records
Released: 12/4/2015

Ice Nine Kills

‘Every Trick In The Book’


By: Scott Turney


Ice Nine Kills (INK) is a four piece metalcore band from Boston Massachusetts who has just recently signed with Fearless Records. Every new album that Ice Nine Kills puts out shows an evolution in their sound and this concept album ‘Every Trick In The Book’ is no different. This album not only brings forth a new sound with more orchestration than they have ever done prior, but every track off of this record is based on famous literature throughout history. From William Peter Blatty’s The Exorcist, to Stephen King’s Carrie, and even The Diary Of Anne Frank, Ice Nine Kills has created an album to expose the younger generation to these stories. The idea was spawned after Ice Nine Kills released the single “Me Myself & Hyde” back in early 2015, which is based off of Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde.

‘Every Trick In The Book’ starts with ‘The Nature of the Beast’ which is taken from George Orwell’s classic story Animal Farm. The song immediately shows the new theatrical sound with stunning piano work while lead singer Spencer Charnas shows off his incredible clean vocals until all hell breaks loose and guitarist and screamer Justin deBlieck (JD) really kicks things up a notch with the intensity of the song. If the listener thought that track was intense then they will be in for a show when the second song ‘Communion of the Cursed’ which is based on William Peter Blatty’s The Exorcist, starts with a clip from an actual exorcism. Spencer asks “So where’s your savior tonight? as the song tells the tale of the possessed girl and the priest. ‘Communion of the Cursed is one of Ice Nine Kills fastest songs as your face melts off with the riffs by JD and bassist Justin Morrow as well as thunderous drumming by Conor Sullivian

The third track from ‘Every Trick In The Book’ is ‘Bloodbath & Beyond’ which tells the tale of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. This song was the second single to be released for the album and it really shows growth and the direction that Ice Nine Kills is heading for in the future. Catchy choruses mixed with heavy breakdowns and even a piano that is played throughout the entire song really drives home the orchestration that Ice Nine Kills now incorporates into their songs. The album continues with ‘The Plot Sickens’ which is based on the grim story Alive: The Story of The Andes Survivors by Piers Paul Read. Which tells the tale of sixteen survivors frozen who must cannibalize each other to survive as Spencer sings “it all comes down to flesh and bone, it’s hard to swallow the unthinkable” then JD melts what’s left of the listeners face off with a guitar solo. The album takes a break from being aggressive and with ‘Star-Crossed Enemies’ the story of William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet which is the slowest track so far on the record but displays Spencer’s vocal skills.

The eighth track ‘The People In The Attic’ is about the story of The Diary of Anne Frank. Also unbeknownst to some people but the title of the song is a play on a previous song ‘The People Under The Stairs’ from the album ‘Safe Is Just A Shadow’. The song has great breakdowns, riffs and also  includes a few sound clips by Anne Frank reading from her diary and the SS who were searching for her. It really brings the song together and shows everyone how life was back then hiding from the Germans. Also incorporated in the song is another amazing guitar solo by JD. The last chapter in ‘Every Trick In The Book’ is ‘Hell In The Hallways’ which is based on the twisted tale Carrie by Steven King. The track begins with another sound clip from one of the Carrie films before another brutal breakdown hits. The song blends everything the previous songs on the album have shown from catchy choruses to the heaviest of breakdowns. The last page of ‘Every Trick In The Book’ comes to close as Spencer and JD scream “Look who’s laughing now!” as the song fades out.

Ice Nine Kills ‘Every Trick In The Book’ is an album full of action, adventure, theatrics and even some tricks that really set the album apart from their previous albums. The concept album works beautifully as each song immerses the listener into a new world of music and storytelling. Not only that but Ice Nine Kills have outdone themselves by introducing beautiful orchestration in their songs which makes ‘Every Trick In The Book’ that much better. Overall ‘Every Trick In The Book’ deserves five out five stars for its unique lyrics, amazing vocals by both Spencer and JD and overall production that makes this an incredible album.