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I Prevail – Lifelines

I Prevail – Lifelines

I Prevail
Genre: post-hardcore
Label: Fearless Records
Released: October 21, 2016

I Prevail



By: Brittany Muldoon

Ever since I Prevail came out with their cover of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space,” the Detroit-based post-hardcore band has gained a huge global following. After releasing an EP and playing a few tours as both supporting acts and as the headliner, they have finally released their first full-length album, Lifelines.

I Prevail establishes the tone with the first track, which also happens to be their first single from the album, “Scars.” By opening with something energetic that fans can easily recognize, they succeed in building excitement and showing listeners what they bring to the table from the start. The second song, “Stuck In Your Head,” is another favorite that fans will know if they’ve been to any of the bands recent shows. With a catchy melody and prominent clean vocals, this song is true to its name.

The title track, “Lifelines,” does not disappoint. Musically, the track is well done and the seamless transition between clean and harsh vocals showcases the band’s talent. With a relatable message about how life can change and feeling disconnected from home that listeners can cling to, I Prevail establishes themselves as a band their fans can count on.

The next few songs keep the high energy going with guitar-heavy breakdowns and prominent harsh vocals. Then we get to “Alone.” This is a great song and is different from what we’ve come to expect from I Prevail, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A change of pace from the rest of the album, it makes use of more electronic accents and harsh vocals are out of the picture. While it’s a good song and will undoubtedly be relatable for many listeners, it sounds a little out of place sandwiched between two fast-paced numbers.

After “Alone” the band picks things back up with several back-to-back high-energy anthems. Covering topics ranging from taking action and following dreams to being lost and angry with someone who betrayed you, there’s something every listener can relate to.

Another popular song fans will recognize from I Prevail’s most recent EP, Heart vs. Mind, is “My Heart I Surrender.” While this is a fan favorite and we’re glad to see it made the cut, the EP version of this song is undeniably superior to this new cut. The version on Heart vs. Mind is more personal and showcases the raw emotion that went into producing the song. The new version on Lifelines sounds almost too polished. This is a classic case of “don’t fix something that’s not broken” and it was unnecessary to do another edit.

The album closes with “Worst Part of Me,” which is a complete change of pace from the preceding number. While it ends the piece with the hardcore vibe that is prominent throughout the album, it also ends the album with a more negative message. It’s a good song about trying to break free from someone who betrayed you and held you back but it doesn’t completely close the album the way it should.

Overall, I Prevail’s debut full-length album, Lifelines, will live up to listeners’ expectations. The album is very well-written and well-produced. It will undoubtedly get fans excited for what the band has in store. It’s clear that the band works well together and they quickly established their own musical style. Other than the song order and the variety of messages presented on the album, this is a successful debut. Once they polish their style and continue to figure out who they are as a band, they will be huge in this genre.