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Genre: Punk
Label: Sailor's Grave/Concrete
Released: 10/02/2015


“A Rocket To Rainer”


By: Dino Irish

           Punk used to have an edge. A sickening meanness whose presence was felt by every mother across the land…’Mothers, lock up your daughters”-type mass paranoia. The latest album by Hollowpoints, ”Rocket to Rainier”, is the latest example of the devolution of the genre, from dangerous social commentary to insufferable bratty whining.

Within ten seconds of the first track “Reptilian Way,” the album telegraphs its punches, waiting to get leveled by a better set of ears, and never lets up in its predictability. Nasally three-part harmony, cascading guitar, drums that sound like a cross between surf music and a sub-machine gun, the whole of the album wastes some great song titles, e.g. “Cotton Fever”, “Can’t Feel at All”, “6 am”, and “Sharkwolf” ,and  the band comes off like a bunch of wannabe punks who sound like a bunch of wannabes. The title track is the only cut worth a spin, coming off like Screeching Weasel squeezed down to its purest molecule…pretty tasty.

Other than that, our ears wanted to kick our head in at the end of the whole thing. But, no worries. That’s why we are here…to waste our time, so you don’t have to waste yours. Seriously, this album might impress a handful of teenage newbies too green to know better. But, if you’ve been around and know the goods when you hear it, just dust off the old Pennywise CD’s and that should take care of it.