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Genre: Metal
Label: Eleven Seven Music
Released: 06/10/2014


“Blood For Blood”


by: Ash


“Blood for Blood” starts off with pure energy with the title track, “Blood For Blood” setting the record at a high stake. Luckily the energy stays pretty constant throughout the whole album. The lyrics are completely different from past records, as they seemed to reach a more personal level on this record. Maybe this is due to the fact that Blood for Blood is the first Hellyeah record ever recorded completely sober.Several of the songs have a strong Nothingface vibe, like “Soul Killer” and “Black December”, where Tom Maxwell plays riffs and quirky open chords, while “Moth” sounds a lot like an old Mudvayne tune similar to “World So Cold”. The whole album is a tale of a broken childhood and the prisons it can create in our mind. The end of the album leaves us with an acoustic track of “Hush”, proving Hellyeah to be more than just a typical metal band.


I encourage you, if you ever listened to hellyeah before this to give them another chance. They really reached down on this album and pulled out an honest raw sound that no one can deny.