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Genre: Rock
Label: Atlantic Records
Released: 04/14/2015


Into The Wild Life


by: Ash Starkweather


Halestorm mixed it up for their third album, Into the Wild Life. The band explores classic rock, metal, and even some blues. The first song to really grab your attention is their second single from the album “Amen”. This song is begging for radio attention as it grabs you with the catchy verses. Things slow down with “Dear Daughter”, but defiantly add more of a deeper emotion to the album.  “New Modern love” feels the same as the first three tracks on the album. Not anything horrible, but not something you’d listen to on repeat either.  When “Mayhem” comes into play you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the great vocals and guitars in the track, it is more like something we would have heard off The Strange Case Of… which earned them a Grammy back in 2013.  “Bad Girls World” is begging to be used as a soundtrack as it’s so simple and melodic. You can definitely see a group of college girls out singing it at karaoke night. They slow it down again for “The Reckoning”, which is not as powerful as “Dear Daughter”, but is not one to be ignored. “Apocalyptic “which was the first single, is an automatic attention grabber with the rhythm guitar and powerful lyrics. They tune it back down for “What Sober Couldn’t Say”, making for an odd flow in the album. They pick it up for the final  tune with a classic rock sound for “I like it heavy”, but adding in Lzzy’s one of a kind voice makes it stand out. You can even here the piano rocking in the background with Lzzy’s screams “I like it heavy.”


Overall, listen to this album with a pair of good headphones. There are so many different sounds incorporated into this album that makes it very dynamic and beautiful. Hale’s vocals are point on, but would you expect anything less? Overall a 4 star album, one you can listen through and enjoy every song as they each tell a new story.