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The Pretty Reckless

The Pretty Reckless

Genre: Rock
Label: Razor & Tie
Released: 3/18/2014

The Pretty Reckless

“Going To Hell”


By: Alyssa Boergermann

With a provocative female lead and brash lyrics, The Pretty Reckless make purifying ideals like redemption and absolution a grungy kind of sexy. Lead vocalist Taylor Momsen’s Catholic background creates an obvious framework for their newest album, “Going to Hell;” the title song expressing a strong introduction for the rest of the album.  With Ben Phillips (lead guitar, backing vocals), Mark Damon (bass) and Jamie Perkins (drums) by her side, Momsen is reaching for the highest rung on a male-dominated ladder in the mainstream rock industry, and she may be successful in securing her place. While some would say they’re hot on the heels of similar female lead bands like Halestorm or Paramore, others may find The Pretty Reckless sounds reminiscent of a simpler time when it was all about drugs, sex, rock and roll. Their number one single, “Heaven Knows,” will find you stomping your foot just as you would to Queen’s “We Will Rock You,” while other tracks like “Burn,” or “House On A Hill,” may just strike a more personal nerve. A solid album overall; they don’t necessarily need to try so hard to be edgy.

The Pretty Reckless formed in 2009 and released their debut album Light Me Up in 2010 and a follow-up EP HIT Me Like A Man in 2012. After two years on the road supporting Light Me Up, the band has risen through rock ‘n’ roll’s ranks to become a polarizing presence. Over the course of their debut and EP, the quartet has sold over 1 million combined albums and digital singles.