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Ghost’s Again

Ghost’s Again

Genre: post-hardcore
Released: 04/22/16

Ghost’s Again

EP – The Closest Thing to Closure


April 22nd

by: Jessica Fowler


When it comes to EP’s we never expect perfection, and we didn’t expect anything different from North Carolina native’s Ghost’s Again. Having only been a band for a little under a year, this is just the beginning of their career together. This EP is just a sampling of what’s to come for them as they attempt to establish their sound.

It is evident that Ghost’s Again are seasoned musicians that understand how to create a fluid sound and have mastered their instruments. However as a cohesive unit they seem to struggle in a few areas. There are a several moments throughout the EP that the vocals do not correspond with the sound aesthetic and could easily be fixed.

Alex’s voice has a range from soft melody to aggressive post hardcore screaming that they try to take advantage of – inherently allowing the vocals to get caught between the two sounds creating an unappealing juxtaposition. Once he finds that balance I believe Ghost’s Again will really create memorable records that will become the soundtrack to someone’s life.

With that being said, let’s talk about the great pieces of this debut EP. The Closest Thing to Closure is an EP that reminds me of burnt CD’s we would have in our closet from the early 2000’s. With hints of pop melodies intertwined with aggressive, chaotic vocals – Ghost’s Again seem on par with bands like Alexisonfire and A Thorn For Every Heart. This brings a sense of nostalgia and appreciation to our listening experience, as this sound is almost non-existent from newer bands.

The backbeats are very similar throughout this EP, which makes this a record you can listen to all the way through – although we would have appreciated at least one song that could show a little variety. With only 5 songs to distinguish themselves as unique and creative artists song selection is important and we think they failed in that aspect. When one song runs into the next because they sound the same – not because they flow into one another – this eventually creates a migraine effect.

What saves this EP for us is the lyrics. We are a sucker for any angsty lyrics that usually involve heartbreak, while someone is screaming them at us. Maybe it’s our own aggression or perhaps it is the fact that the majority of the time love sucks. This aspect of their EP is going to be what allows it to spread through social media and bring crowds to their shows.

Overall the EP is worth the price, especially if you are heading out to catch one of their live performances. Do not show up without knowing your lyrics – it just looks bad when you are standing there and everyone else is singing. We expect Ghost’s Alive debut album to live up to their potential.

Until then enjoy this sampler – and remember everyone’s EP typically sucks.  🙂




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