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From Ashes To New

From Ashes To New

Genre: Rap Rock
Label: Better Noise Records
Released: 02/26/2016

From Ashes to New

Day One

Rock/Rap-Rock/Alt. Metal

By: Andi Rogers

Hailing from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, From Ashes to New is a five-piece Rock/Rap-Rock/Alternative Metal group. Formed in 2013, they’ve quickly developed a style reminiscent of Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, Skillet, and Hollywood Undead. Their 11-track debut album, Day One, released February 26.

Day One begins with ‘Land of Make Believe,’ a powerful, anthem that rings out with threatening determination, ‘You underestimated me. I’ll be the one to haunt you in your dreams.’ Track 3, ‘Lost and Alone’ is just as dynamic with equal parts rap-style vocals and passionate singing.

Day One starts to get a bit heavier when ‘Shadows.’ comes into play. It starts off with an electronic symphony of lyrics that fade out and the drums and guitar interpose to create a powerful energy. With lyrical content similar to the previous songs, it leaves the listener wanting depth and a story. The anger-driven lyrics have a certain appeal, but lack other emotions.

‘Face the Day’ completely changed the album’s feel. Where the preceding tracks were repetitious in sound, this song introduced a metalcore-esque feel with heavier vocals and more profound lyrics. The wailing guitar riffs and aggressive drums undoubtedly make this one of the top tracks.

The final track, ‘You Only Die Once’ closely follows the structures of their other songs; a collaboration of electronic elements, catchy choruses, aggressive, hard-hitting chants and punchy hip-hop verses. From Ashes to New really makes their musical influences visible in their writing and performance. This album showcases an interesting mix of styles and clout, but lacks versatility overall. Being their debut album, Day One, seems to set a promising stage for the quintet. Pop Deflators gives this album 4 out of 5 stars.