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Four Years Strong

Four Years Strong

Genre: Rock
Label: Pure Noise Records
Released: 7/22/14

Four Years Strong

“Go Down In History” EP


by: Gabe Nye


Four Year Strong is a band that leads the current easycore movement. Flawlessly blending melodic pop punk with driving hardcore punk, the band has not only united genres but also united crowds. The Go Down in History EPonly further strengthens their position at the helm of the ship, and is a fantastic addition to their growing discography.

Go Down in History is such a fantastic release. The guitar in this album has a more edged sound to it than it has in the past, and really brings an overall feeling of depth to the music. It’s still classic Four Year Strong, but it stands out above the other albums as a more thought out and mature release.

Much of the driving force behind the songs comes from the drums, which when mixed with such riffy guitar pieces, create an energy that makes you want to two-step your way to the front of the crowd. Adding onto this are the lyrics: angsty as ever. The opening song is a rage-worthy, almost violence-inducing anthem of sorts. However, whether you approach it with anger or complete apathy, you’ll be singing it well after the EP is finished.

There’s honestly not much more to say about this release. Every part of it was brilliantly executed. From the songwriting to the production, the Go Down in History EP deserves a five star rating. You might find music you like more than this EP, however if you abandon genre preferences, you’ll see that this album earns every star. With such a great release, I can only look forward to see what Four Year Strong has in store.