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For Today

For Today

Genre: Metalcore

For Today

“Fight The Silence”


by: Gabe Nye

            For Today is a band that has gained an impressive following in an incredibly short amount of time. After the release of their 2010 album Breaker, the band was launched into the spotlight of the Christian metal scene. They also, unlike many other bands before them, successfully made the crossover into the secular scene touring with bands such as Whitechapel, Stick to Your Guns, and We Came As Romans. Their last few releases however (Breaker, Immortal, Prevailer EP) have all had the same sound, as though they thought the formula that made them famous would work for the rest of their career. Yet just as I had almost given up on their endeavors, they released Fight the Silence, and proved that they have more in them than I had previously thought.

Fight the Silence is a fork in the road from their last few releases. It is an album that is far more mature than most of what they have ever written. They’ve finally deviated from a formula that many people were growing tired of. It had seemed although they had lost their passion for music and instead rode the wave of trends to reach the top of the charts. Every song came with at least one or two breakdowns, not to mention countless gang vocals and bass drops. Fight the Silence, however, broke the chains of trendiness and restored my faith in them.

The guitars in this album are incredible, and fit each song like a puzzle piece. Whether they’re used for ambience, melody, or energy, the guitars sound fantastic. They’re not overcomplicated like they have been in the past, and instead they carry the music and emotion through each and every track. The drums are still impressive, however they’re used to drive the music home instead of giving us a reason to headbang. The bass is not that noticeable, which is a great change from their last few albums. It’s supportive, as it should be, instead of being the sign that a breakdown is approaching. The vocals are especially impressive, both the screaming and the clean vocals. Lead vocalist Mattie Montgomery’s vocals have always been some of my favorites, and they’re demonstrated in full in this album.

Overall this album is phenomenal. Between the composition of the music to the lyrics written for each track, the record is assembled as precisely and structurally sound as a Rolls-Royce. Every element comes together to carry a passionate, emotional atmosphere throughout the length of the album. It’s reminiscent of Oh, Sleeper as far as passion and energy goes. Listening to this album, one can easily see how much effort and emotion For Today put into the record. I was not expecting much from them after the Prevailer EP, but I was pleasantly surprised. It seems that For Today has rediscovered their passion for music and for sending a message, and it is that passion that has earned them a five star rating for Fight the Silence.