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Vertical Horizon

Vertical Horizon

Genre: Alternative Rock
Released: 10/8/2013

Vertical Horizon

“Echoes From The Underground”


by: Jay

The “Echoes of the Underground” record is a reinvigorated sound of the old pros. Vertical

Horizon’s new album demonstrates to the listener that age is only a number. And in doing so they are

showing the shock-pop culture world that manners and decency hasn’t died. For the long-term fan you

can relax and breathe easy. The tone is set with ‘You Never Let Me Down.’ This somewhat teases the

audience. The opening and continuing rhythms will have you thinking you may be listening to an upbeat

inspirational song. But, Matt Scannell with his unique poetry style sings a tune of the emotional

distances we force upon ourselves. Things may appear swell and happy-go-lucky but sometimes we

punish ourselves over our own personalities.

A song that stands out of the pack for me is called ‘Instamatic.’ It isn’t your typical heartache or

yuppie-relationship song. The tune depicts a person being completely fooled. First, a person leads them

into a false sense of security. Second, he gets tricked by his own feelings. The instrumental ingenuity of

the song became dialed up when VH had drumming virtuoso Neil Peart add his flavor to the track. This

gave it a groovy head-bopping jam experience for the listener to dance around too.

The album is a highly mastered well-produced treat that combines the loaded experience of

Vertical Horizon’s tenure in the music industry. The band didn’t reach back to the root of their talent.

No, they added nutrients to make those roots such a greater source for their creativity and originality.

And in creating such music they gave their fans a level of satisfaction to rejoice for years to come. For

someone who is new to the alternative rock scene this will be a great album to gateway their ever

expanding horizons.