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Impending Doom

Impending Doom

Genre: Deathcore
Label: Entertainment One
Released: 11/5/13

Impending Doom

Death Will Reign (2013)


by: Gabe Nye

listening to when you want to be in a good mood the rest of the day. Their music is

heavier than most people have ever heard, and despite being an openly Christian

band, their lyrics are some of the darkest I’ve ever read. Whenever I suggest them to

a friend I always tell them to listen with a grain of salt, because they’re a band to be

taken seriously.

was their heaviest album to date, save their debut album Nailed. Dead. Risen. which

many disregard for some reason. From the very first song, the tone of the entire

album is set. A dark, grungy, aggressive sound permeates every track and

immediately becomes the overall atmosphere of the album.

stroke after another, the aggressiveness of the album is entirely driven by the guitar.

At times, however, drummer Brandon Trahan’s blast beats add the final element to

create a symphony of energetic death metal that makes you want to throw down.

Not to mention Brook Reeve’s vocals are better than ever. His lows have gotten

lower and his highs have gotten higher and more powerful. With his vocals at their

best and a resounding bass for them to ride on, the sound this album gives off is


sound of Death Will Reign is powerful and jaw dropping, the music itself is nothing

impressive. The songs are very choppy, as though the band tried to incorporate

multiple elements to a single track, and ended up forcing them in. Random silences

that don’t make sense, incredibly simple and (after ten tracks) boring guitar riffs,

and a failed attempt at adding cinematic piano to bits of the album, the overall lack

of technicality cannot be hidden by power alone.

release. However, Death Will Reign was not their best album, and I would say that

it’s arguably their worst one yet. The way the songs were put together didn’t make

any sense, and the whole thing was fairly bland after a while. However, the lyrics

were fantastic, and that’s enough to push this album up to a solid three stars. Not

the greatest album for those who love good music, but a great album for releasing

anger and finding great lyrics to tweet.