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Genre: Metalcore
Released: 02/17/2015


Transitions EP

by: Gabe Nye


In a world where metalcore infects every local music scene, one band has managed to shine above the rest. Coming out of Houston, Concepts is a six-piece metalcore suit that has managed to prevent blending into the scene. It’s a difficult task, but the group found the recipe they needed. Layering strong clean vocals on top of a heavy foundation, Concepts manufactured an EP that I’ve been listening to on repeat all week.

There are several elements to this EP that sets it apart. When I first listened to it, I expected very mediocre metalcore. Honestly, I’ve lost faith in this type of music, and when I heard I would be reviewing a band’s debut EP, I was hesitant. Would this be just another band after fame and groupies? It wasn’t but a few minutes into the EP that my jaw dropped: impressed. The clean vocals alone are enough to make me a fan. Strong, dynamic, and full of passion for the music, the clean vocals are astounding and simply delightful to listen to.

Contrasting these piercing, pitch-perfect vocals on top of a driving core is what makes them stand out, though. The guitars in the album are wonderfully produced, and generate a distortion-heavy energy that sounds more progressive than it should, adding a certain bouncy quality to the music that makes you want to move. The low growls and passionate buildups to some wonderfully guttural “bleghs” provide plenty of opportunities for headbanging and moshing.

There’s not much else to say about this album. It’s written, performed, and produced well enough to earn it a solid four stars. My one critique is that it isn’t very different from other bands in their scene. However, that’s not to say that they are just like the others. Their music is miles ahead of their competitors, and this is their first release. It will be exciting to see where these metalcore maestros take us on their next record.