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Genre: Alternative Rock
Label: Run For Cover Records
Released: 06/23/2015


Everybody Is Going To Heaven

Alt. Rock

Reviewer: Whitney Newell


Citizen is a five piece band formed from Michigan and Ohio releasing their sophomore LP, Everybody Is Going To Heaven this month.

The intro track “Cement” presents more of a grunge influence to the album. There is even a alternative/industrial feel to the track that’s enough to be noticed. Overall, it is very spacious with much depth in the instrumentals. The minor key transitions in the main guitar part of “Dive Into My Sun” gives the song a throwback feel but still keeps the sound original. “Numb Yourself” keeps more true to the very successful album Youth, with some influence of newer bands like Basement. Some of the lyrical content can be compared to Brand New but the overall sound of the album is branching out to be different from any other band or anything else they’ve done previously. It’s an album that can easily satisfy fans for growth, but let down for such a retreat from what fans expected.

Our only problem with this album is that the similarities between the songs lose my attention and all kind of blends together when listening. However, there are some strong moments that bring me back in to the music. While this may be a change from Youth that may be a turn off for many, true musicians would find the overall work impressive for it’s progression and maturity. Overall, 4/5 stars, make sure to catch Citizen on all dates of this year’s Vans Warped Tour.