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Bullet For My Valentine

Bullet For My Valentine

Genre: Metal
Label: RCA Records
Released: 08/14/2015

                                                                                                                                                                Bullet For My Valentine



                                                                                                                                                                By: Scott Turney


Bullet For My Valentine (BFMV for short) is a 4 piece metal band out of Welsh and ‘Venom’ is their fifth studio album to date. BFMV have recently gone through a member change as they parted ways with their long time bassist Jason James back in 2014. Some might have worried that this would cripple the band but in fact their new bassist Jamie Mathias has stepped right in and the new album showcases all of his talents. ‘Venom’ takes its name from the fact that BFMV have stated they wanted to go back to making similar songs from their album ‘The Poison’ released back in 2005. BFMV wanted to make aggressive, heavy hitting songs that really go back to their roots and they have accomplished just that.

‘Venom’ starts with ‘V’, a minute and a half intro song that leads perfectly to the next song ‘No Way Out’. The song brings the listener back to the days of “The Poison” with its relentless style of playing. “No Way Out” is exactly what BFMV promised the fans and it only continues with the next song “Army of Noise”. Army is an anthem song basically saying that BFMV is back and louder than ever, which is brilliantly displayed when vocalist Matt Tuck sings and screams: “So here we are. Weapons in arms. Army of noise has come to destroy!” The song also features an amazing guitar solo by guitarist Michael Paget.

The seventh song and title track “Venom” starts with some unique guitar playing that is entirely different from what the album has shown so far, but it fits the mid-tempo song well. The following songs “Skin” and “Hell Or High Water” both of which are equally impressive as there are multiple guitar solos and some great breakdowns that fans will sure enjoy. The album ends with the eleventh song “Pariah” which is another in your face song that includes another guitar solo. Matt Tuck closes out the album by signing “I suck up all your vanity I’m your pariah, take it out on me!” If the listener purchased the deluxe version of ‘Venom’ BFMV has included four extra songs “Playing God”, “Run For Your Life”, “In Loving Memory” and “Raising Hell”. “Raising Hell is a song BFMV wrote a few years back and it’s the last song featuring their old bassist Jason James.

Overall Bullet For My Valentine’s ‘Venom’ is very impressive as they have accomplished their goal of going back to their roots and making more aggressive metal music. However, the only negative thing about the album is most of the songs sound the same and follow the same playing pattern. Yes there are few differences in the songs itself, but the songs tend to sound the same after listening to the album multiple times. The songs themselves are very good with great guitar solos, breakdowns and choruses. For that reason and the fact BFMV have produced a better album than in recent years ‘Venom’ gets 4 out of 5 stars.