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Bowling For Soup

Bowling For Soup

Genre: Pop Punk
Label: Brando Records
Released: 01/27/2015

Bowling For Soup

Pop Punk

Josh Mason of Josh Mason Design

“Songs That People Actually Liked (Volume 1- The First 10 Years)”


Grammy Award-nominated, Texas-based, Pop-Punk Rockers Bowling for Soup are back with “Songs People Actually Liked Volume 1: The First 10 Years.”  The album was released November 19th, 2014 and is their only release after disbanding in mid 2013.  With this release, it is important to note that the track-list includes 17 re-recorded songs with 1 new song entitled “20 Years (That’s A Lot Of Beers).

If you’re a fan of the band’s previous releases or just a fan of 90s Pop-Punk, “Songs People Actually Liked Volume 1: The First 10 Years” will easily give you nostalgic feelings as the track-list consists of the band’s hand picked re-recorded songs.  Now one might ask, “Didn’t they release a Greatest Hits record in 2011?”  It is fact that a Greatest Hits record was released in 2011, but not in part by the band.  The band considers “Songs People Actually Liked Volume 1: The First 10 Years” as their true Greatest Hits album as they were able to choose the songs and produce the recordings on their own through crowd funding via PledgeMusic.  The album features many of the band’s most popular tunes including, “Punk Rock 101” and “Girl All the Bad Guys Want” and a new song called 20 Years (That’s A Lot Of Beers).  The band sounds as catchy, fun, and pissed off as ever with the fresh recordings.  One can most certainly tell that the band hasn’t lost a step in their consistency over of the years with their song writing and lyrics as “20 Years (That’s A Lot Of Beers)” gives the listener insight into what was, and what may be in the future as the band hasn’t announced any further material or tour dates at this time.

The record ends how one would think, with a laugh.  The final notes are those of a sound clip of the band generating what sounds to be someone passing gas.   Bowling for Soup are Pop-Punk rockers and jokers to the end.  If you’re a fan of Bowling For Soup, 90s Pop-Punk or just like having a good time, “Songs People Actually Liked Volume 1: The First 10 Years” will surely keep you entertained for the record’s duration.

The album has earned 5 stars for nostalgia reasons, as well for the quality of the re-recorded material and new song.



For old-times sake, Pop Deflators recommends listening to “Girl All the Bad Guys Want”