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Genre: Metalcore
Label: Red Bull Records
Released: 06/10/2014



Hardcore Punk

by: Gabe Nye

Look, up in the sky! Is it letlive? Is it Close Your Eyes? No, it’s Beartooth, a hardcore punk band that is a delicious blend of styles akin to both of those bands. With a heavy, chaotic style signature of hardcore punk and catchy, melodic choruses that keep you singing along, Beartooth creates a perfect fusion of genres and sounds to create a fantastic album. Their first full length release, Disgusting, is a showcase of the band’s musical abilities as well as their ownership of their sound.

The albums sound is so incredibly their own. You will not find another band that sounds like them. A Day to Remember? Sure maybe in a few choruses, but they can’t beatdown like Beartooth. Letlive? Closer, but they lack the melodies and sing-along choruses that Beartooth seems to thrive on. It’s definitely unlike anything I’ve heard before, and I think it’s a great equation. I can imagine going to see them live and spending half the time in the pit and the other half with my fist in the air, shouting every word back at them.

The music itself isn’t really anything too impressive. I do enjoy it, and it’s very well put together. Every song was written, composed, and even produced by 22 year-old frontman Caleb Shomo, an impressive feat to say the least. However there’s no moment in the album where I find myself impressed with one particular instrument, or even Shomo’s vocals. I’ve heard that he’s one of the greatest screamers around right now, and I don’t know if I’d agree with that. Overall, the music was good just not anything special.

The lyrics are a different story, however. They’re full of emotions that come across in many different forms: anger, self-loathing, understanding, a search for the truth. It’s all well written, and the lyrics work with the music in a way that gets stuck in your head for hours. They beg to be sung, and even when they slip into a Top 40 groove, you still find yourself humming the songs.

All things considered, this is a fantastic album. Yes the music is less than amazing, but the album as a whole is crafted in such a way that really sticks with you. The first time I listened to it, I wasn’t very impressed. The second time, I sat back and listened to the album as a whole instead of the instruments and I was blown away with how well the album was written. Disgusting deserves a solid four stars. I’m not sure if their unique sound is going to be enough for them to stay afloat for another few albums, but with the success of this album, I’m not too worried about it. Disgusting was a great album that I’ll be playing and singing for the rest of the summer, and it will have you doing the same.