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Bad Seed Rising

Bad Seed Rising

Genre: Rock
Label: Roadrunner Records
Released: 05/04/2015

Bad Seed Rising

A Place Called Home


Ash Starkweather


Bad Seed rising start their EP off strong with their single “It’s My Time”, which is a strong catchy track begging for radio attention with catchy lyrics and riffs. The video debuted April 8th and definitely captures the bands energy. The next track, “Carry On” is more on the melodic and definitely the most inspirational track off the EP:

you can make your life worth living
don’t look back just keep on giving
when everyone’s asleep and no one’s chasing dreams
we’ll carry on.”

 “Six Feet Below” has a great chorus, but it is easy to get lost in the verses when waiting for that catchy chorus. They step it right back up for “Mess”. Is that some screams in there?! Hard to tell, but definitely a great addition and fit perfect for the song. The instrumentals could even be a little harder to fit the lyrics more. “ADHD”, is a perfect anthem for any teenager- “I know you hate me cause I’m not listening to you.” Unfortunately the track is very similar to an earlier track, “Mess”. The song is almost identical, making it seem like the same song. The final track, “Disappear” takes it to an entire new level with a great breakdown and even some screams, adding a great feeling to the track.

Overall this is a great EP- you can definitely feel their message and what they are about. With being so young, not everyone will be able to relate. There are two common themes throughout the EP: “I know you hate me” and “I need the drugs you give me”. For an EP, they made it work. Bad Seed Rising is a young group, and we are very excited to see what they do next. 4/5 Stars