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Bad Case of Big Mouth

Bad Case of Big Mouth

Genre: Pop Punk
Label: Manic Kat Records
Released: 08/19/2016

Bad Case of Big Mouth

Break It to Build It

Pop Punk

By: Brittany Muldoon

After recently signing to Manic Kat Records, New Jersey pop punk band Bad Case of Big Mouth is back! Their new EP, Break It To Build It, is set to be released on August 19th and fans won’t be disappointed!

The EP starts off strong with their single “We Wasted the Good Surprise on You.” This is a good beginning track as it establishes high intensity and gives listeners a taste of what the rest of the EP holds.

The following track, “What A Save,” is a treat for fans looking for something more hardcore. The energy of this song is off the charts and it will pump listeners up to hear the rest of the EP. It perfectly showcases the band’s talent as they seamlessly transition from screaming to singing and back again.

The next two tracks are on par with the first two. Bad Case of Big Mouth never lets the energy die as they continue to show us what they’re all about. The final track, “No Guarantee,” ends the album on a positive note. This powerful anthem will have listeners chanting along with lyrics like “stand up and make this world our own.” With an end like that, fans will want to listen to the EP on repeat.

Overall, this is a great piece that showcases the band’s talent and versatility. With lyrics that fans can easily relate to and a sound that will get them up out of their seats, Break It to Build It from Bad Case of Big Mouth does not disappoint. Fans of Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! and other easycore pop punk bands will especially enjoy this EP. We can’t wait to see what’s next from Bad Case of Big Mouth!


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