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Being As An Ocean

Being As An Ocean

Genre: Melodic Hardcore
Label: InVogue Records
Released: 06/30/2015

Being as an Ocean

Self-Titled Album

Post Hardcore

By: Leanna Nichole


Being as an Ocean’s newly released self-titled album is the third album released by the band through In Vogue Records. The album is very similar in sound to what we have heard from them before, though they try to outdo themselves this time around.  Though Being as an Ocean is not a “Christian band”, their songs are filled with meaningful lyrics related to the band members’ faith.  With lyrics like, “This is what’s promised: He works all things for good! In the end, it’s Love that wins!” from “Little Richie” and “Look how they are healed with a touch! His cloak, a wrinkled hand reached to brush, see all infirmity turn to dust. Granted sight to the ever blind. Touch of spit and mud; or was the main ingredient Love?” from “The Zealot’s Blindfold”.  This album also covers topic such as abuse and forgiveness in the first two tracks, “Little Richie” and “Ain’t Nobody Perfect”, as well as the last two songs on the album, “Sins of the Father” and “…And Their Consequences”.

As with previous albums from Being as an Ocean, the screams from Joel Quartuccio and clean vocals from Michael McGough combine for beautiful flow.  In some of the songs, including “St. Peter” Quartuccio uses more of a yelling technique, rather than the usual screaming technique we hear, that gives the songs a unique sound.  The fifth song on the album, “Judas, Our Brother” opens with the clean vocals of McGough absent of any background support, which is a nice change from the rest of the album.  The album closes with “…And Their Consequences” which makes use of a background choir for the chorus line, “Father-given. Son-received. Red flows down the family tree” which sounds great with the song.  This is a perfect ending for the album, going from a mostly a heavy sound to closing with a soft almost hymn-like lull.

The ten song album has the textbook sound of Being as an Ocean, which is great for those fans who like their previous albums, but perhaps they might look to grow in their music, rather than staying stagnant.   The album has heartfelt lyrics with a sound that will move you.  That being said, this album receives 3.5/5 stars.  This is because though the album is good, it is nothing new from the band and something different and innovative would be a nice change.