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August Burns Red

August Burns Red

August Burns Red
Genre: Metalcore
Label: Fearless Records
Released: 06/29/2015

                                August Burns Red

Found In Far Away Places


By: Scott Turney


This is August Burns Red’s (ABR for short) first album with Fearless Records and it starts off with a behemoth of a song ‘The Wake’. “Destroy everything! Cleanse, wipe away the filth!” Is the opening line and it speaks volumes for what’s to come from not only this album, but their previous albums. August Burns Red has learned and improved on all of the things from their previous albums. ‘Messengers‘ was very straightforward, but ever since then ABR has tried going to unfamiliar territories in their songs . Adding new elements from salsa to trumpets to congas and more. It seemed like at times August Burns Red were trying too hard to be a little different. Their songs were always good, and metal fans still banged their heads, but it always seemed it could be improved upon. Well rejoice ABR fans, they have mastered this craft on their seventh album ‘Found In Far Away Places’.

Martyr” the second song from ‘Found In Far Away Places’ showcases this very craft. Right in the middle of the song after Jake Luhrs showcases his vocal growth, a violin solo takes his place which blends nicely into a guitar solo by guitarist JB Brubaker. This is only a small piece of what ABR has in store for the listener. On the very next song “Identity” ABR makes the listener feel like they are out on the beach on a nice summer day and then they are quickly brought back to reality with another face melting guitar solo. On the fifth track of the album “Ghosts” ABR is joined by none other than Jeremy McKinnon from A Day To Remember. Jake and Jeremy’s vocals blend better than expected when they both sing and scream “I may have no one else to blame, but listen to me. You and I, we were once the same!” over and over to finish the song. Listeners will no doubt be singing along with this verse.

Throughout the rest of ‘Found In Far Away Places’, ABR gives the listener multiple imaginative grooves and elements to listen to from violins, trumpets, bass solos, acoustic guitars, pianos and more. The album ends with the eleventh song “Vanguard” which includes an 8-bit intro before Jake Luhrs screams “Wave goodbye as we turn our backs on our pasts” and that’s exactly what ABR is doing. Waving goodbye to the past and paving their way for a new brighter future. Found In Far Away Places ends with a satisfying piano orchestration making the listener want more.. and more they will get! As ABR has included three bonus songs. “Marathon”, “Majoring In The Minors”(remix) and a midi version of their third song “Identity”.

ABR have really outdone themselves on this new record. Everyone in August Burns Red have given us their absolute best work yet. Matt Greiner’s drumming is very impressive, and the guitarists JB Brubaker and Brent Rambler bring forth diverse guitar playing, catchy rhythms and epic guitar solos. Dustin Davidson’s bass work and screaming give the record the aggressiveness it needs when the new elements are added. Last but certainly not least is lead vocalist Jake Luhrs; His voice improved significantly, and he is utilizing different pitches and tones in his screams. Jake’s lyrics are some of the most powerful, and heartfelt lyrics on an ABR album yet. With ‘Found In Far Away Places’ August Burns Red are thinking outside of the box with regard to stretching their own capabilities, and that’s why this album gets 5 out of 5 stars!