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The Charm The Fury

The Charm The Fury

Genre: Metal Metalcore Rock
Label: Listenable Records & Pavement Ent.
Released: 9/17/13

The Charm The Fury

“A Shade Of My Former Self”


by: Gabe Nye

The album opens with an orchestral introduction. The necessary violins playing in minor keys, and a haunting piano begin to play as the intro slowly builds up to a larger selection of instruments. At the climax, the instruments pause and only the piano is left. No doubt this song was made to be the perfect intro song at their concerts, however it does a good job at preparing you for the album. As the second song starts to fade in, we get a taste of the band that is the Charm the Fury.

Releasing a relentless onslaught of layered guitars, “The Unveiling” packs a punch and is sure to get any metal head excited. I’m not normally a fan of female screamers; I’ve never found one that I enjoy on every track, until I heard the Charm the Fury. As lead vocalist Caroline Westendorp starts to do her thing, one can’t help but be giddy upon hearing her scream. Her screams pack a wicked punch, and are very well rounded. Not to mention the way that they are layered provides such a full sound that you feel like you’re being marvelously attacked by metal itself. Another element is also introduced in this song, as electronic music makes an appearance to help introduce and support the chorus. I immediately became cautious when I heard the synthesizers, but it was very tastefully done and actually added a great deal to the song, instead of simply being a distraction like it so easily is. The last element to this song was Westendorp’s clean vocals. They were not terrible, and her style fit the music well.

            As the album continues, the tracks keep up a certain level of excellence. The guitar parts never falter from their path, and keep up the grungy speed that is heard in the first few tracks. Westendorp’s clean vocals also seem to become increasingly better as the album progresses. Her screams remain powerful and commanding, as if leading the music in a war against our ears. Throw some more gang vocals and a good number of interludes in, and you’ve got what the rest of the album consists of.

            Overall this album was incredibly well done. I was very surprised to hear such great music come from a Dutch metalcore band’s debut album, but I was very pleased with it. The guitars never relent, and successfully combine heavy riffs with melodic licks, creating a very full and intense sound. The drums are solid and not overcomplicated. The addition of electronica was tastefully done, and enhanced the flow and mood throughout the album. The Charm the Fury’s A Shade of My Former Selfis an album that I’ll definitely be listening to more. And as Westendorp develops better clean vocals, and hopefully as the band realizes that there should only be one maybe two interludes per album, I’ll definitely be looking forward to their next release.