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All That Remains

All That Remains

Genre: Alternative Metal
Label: Razor & Tie
Released: 02/24/2015

All That Remains

The Order Of Things

Alternative Metal

by: Gabe Nye


All That Remains has received more backlash for progression that maybe any other metal band ever has. With their first few albums being melodic death metal and melodic metalcore, the band has been criticized for “selling out” in the last few years. They’ve become almost a different band altogether, now releasing far more radio-friendly tracks and adopting an alternative metal sound. They’ve been criticized beyond redemption, but does this mean the new albums are bad? Read on for the answer.

The Massachusetts quintet was one of the bands that metalheads in this generation accredit with getting them into metal and more aggressive music in general. However with each album, All That Remains started incorporating more and more clean vocals. Their last release, The Order of Things, is no exception. In fact, there is shockingly less screaming than ever before, with nearly every track being squeaky clean. But where the band fell short on aggression, they made up with good music.

The Order of Things is still a great album and is musically exceptional. Maintaining enough energy and heaviness to make you headbang in your car and air drum at your desk, the album delivers far more than expected. This is not an unsatisfying album by any means. If you’re looking for extreme metal, don’t bother giving it a listen. Let’s face it though: All That Remains hasn’t been considered one of the more aggressive bands in years, so don’t be surprised when you hear the singles from this album on the radio.

There’s just enough screaming on this album to pay homage to their older releases, and enough to make me happy that they’re not appealing to the masses as much as they are progressing. There’s an important difference there. It’s easy to see that the band is still alive and well and writing good music. The guitars wail, the drums pound, the bass gives you chills, and the vocals have you singing or screaming along with every word. It’s a good album and is a great listen from beginning to end.

For a band that I’d now classify as alternative metal, I’d say they have done a great job writing an album that will please open-minded fans, both old and new. It earns a solid 3.5 stars, and the only reason that it isn’t higher is because now that they’ve gone a new direction with their music, they blend in far more than they did before. The first time I heard “This Probably Won’t End Well” on the radio, I had no idea it was All That Remains. They’re coming close to sounding like a dozen other bands around. Regardless of the change, I think it’s time to stop being elitist, buy this album, and accept the fact that All That Remains still makes good music.


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